Wedding Hair With Fringe, Side Braids: However To Get This Hair Trend Right!

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Wedding Hair With Fringe – Style and fashion from head to toe typically take inspiration from the flora and fauna of Mother Nature. In case of hair-styling, the trends show a similar slant. Fishtails, ponytails, pigtails, horsetails, waterfall braids and Indian vogue of hair-plaiting within the style of a banana-bunch and feather palm leaves square measure a number of the sorts that avid vogue addicts would like to flaunt in their tresses. But among this funky, creative ton, side-braids are positively terribly in.

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Hairstylist Vikas Marwah owner of Vikas Marwah’s Hair Salon in Bombay vouches for this vogue in vogue and suggests the style followers to sport an equivalent at parties, weddings, clubs, rock shows, et al.

“While side-braids are chiefly appropriate for the beautiful girls of variable age-groups say, from young teenage women to old divas, Dutch braids are equally in style among each the sexes. French braids are forever stylish and affirmative, buns are quite hot for men these days,” reveals Marwah.

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Coiffeur Savio John Pereira stresses that side-braids ne’er tripped out of fashion. “It was always there. But clearly a lot of variations have crept in currently. You may notice loose, carefree hair hanging long with a fishtail at the bottom or cascading water braids. This works absolutely fine with formal as well as semi-formal wear,” he elucidates.

Marwah urges fashionistas to parade this hairdo with “casual outfits and glam partywear besides Indian or western styled clothes. It depends upon the occasion actually whether you want to go for fusion inclined wardrobe or otherwise to hot up your crowning glory.”

Celebrity hairdresser Jawed Habib however ascribes this ‘braid rage’ as a “temporary fixation and not very practical for hair. Personally I believe it’s nothing like a balanced haircut styling”.

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Decoding the side-braid style in detail, Adhuna Bhabani, Founder and Creative Director of BBLUNT Salon, shares: “This one’s perfect for you when you want to display your locks. It starts with a braid from the top leaving your hair down on the side. You can leave the ends as you like it – straight or curly. To save hair from heat-damage due to the use of excessive tools during the festive season, be sure to guard your hair with a heat protectant styling product from mid-lengths to ends of your hair before you begin styling.”

When the braids are dangling on one side, the other end can also be spruced up with different haircuts or experiments. “A fringe on the other side looks fab while wearing the braid on one side and of course several notches better, if coloured in thin streaks,” advises Habib, who alludes to boxer braids as the other trendy variant, grabbing attention in the current fashion scene. Marwah likes attaching the loose little braids on one side to a bun on the other end from one corner to another.

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“Or else leave the hair in the middle falling down like a loose wave or roll it up or simply tie it up. Waterfall side-braids are no doubt a big hit on the maverick style-street as they spell out an inkling of swag to one’s attitude. They may cover an ear or just keep it exposed with a quaint dangler or a light feather earring in teardrop shape,” he recommends.

For Pereira, arty and tailor-made exploration is the key motive. “You may actually combine the braids with buns however the choices don’t solely stop there. You can dig out as several as formations you are feeling like,” he lays emphasis on pushing the envelope.

When it comes to light the braids, the result looks awesomely unbelievable, confirms Habib. “Streak the strands with khaki blonde and bright browns for effective results,” he helps. Pereira asks to apply a palette of cool shades. “Red, blonde, honey gold, brown and tints of red gemstones can create you look attractive.

Team the colours with breezy, easy-going stuff at friendly luncheons or put on formal apparels if you’re heading for a celebration, dinner-date or social events like a wedding,” he briefs. “It largely depends on your skin-complexion to dictate what hair-tones you would decide and opt for,” asserts Marwah. “Go for lowlight, warm hues like choco brown, caramel, mocha or honey blonde. And if you are very reasonable, then a loud, vibrant array together with pearl blonde and ash blonde would best compliment your appearance,” he assures.

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To maintain hair in shape, it is obvious to follow a healthy regime. “Don’t keep them on for long. It may cause hair breakage if unbroken for several hours. Hair needs to rest and be open when 4-6 hours of any such styling. Plus preconditioning is terribly vital.

Apply oil for 5 minutes daily before wash as this routine keeps the hair swish and healthy,” he elaborates. Hence, it is always advisable to loosen or unplait the tight braids once having already showcased the style and keeping it intact for a long span say, six hours maximum with a view to avoid split-ends and harm beyond repair.

One can wear the hair in side-braids anywhere at places like discs, pubs, music-fests, fashion-hubs, soccer-fields etc. It’s a style that should suit your personality and outfit, not the venue per se, state experts logically.

Like Habib, Marwah too thinks that braids in long, shoulder-length hair comes out better. Rough, frizzy hair can spoil the make of braids.

Hair in thick bouncy texture with proper conditioning and back-combing really works well. “Use a good quality shampoo, serum and a conditioner to retain your hair-hygiene. If you are keeping the braids for a longer period of time, say a week or a fortnight, then don’t tighten the roots much. It may get a pull and loosen the ends.

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Massage hair-oil with your fingertips on the scalp and take an extra care to play it around softly and not vigorously. Keep the oil in hair for 15-20 minutes and wash off cleanly to get the desirable results. Go for hot-towel or hot-steam therapy too, if required.

Once or twice a month hair-spa is additionally extremely imperative,” he instructs. But here’s a rider, he cautions. “If you experience large hairfall, then don’t pour too much of oil in it. Go for consultation for hair treatment, if necessary,” he alarms.

Pereira presses about keeping the scalp dirt, dust and dandruff-free as a result of it’s dry, wintry season. “Opt for deep conditioning or lend wet notably to the middle and finish parts of the hair, since a lot of ironing and blow drying goes in puffing and glossing up your hair,” he lends tips.

Talking about international celebs United Nations agency might do justice to this hairstyle, Marwah refers to model Adriana Lima, Hollywood hotties Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie and Alexandra Daddario.

Back home, it’s ‘Miss Ravishing’ Deepika Padukone who will extremely carry off braids in vogue, for example, the cocktail variety. Recalling the rockstar musicians of the past, he remembers the dreadlocks of Bob Marley and also the long plaited mane of songwriter.

Habib’s vote lands in favour of the A-league actors Julia Roberts and Johny Depp who he fancy would look nice in side-braids.

The desi girl Priyanka Chopra who’s vastly gone international and Bollywood’s action-dancing hero Tiger Shroff have the “personality to work the bill”, he avers. The terribly celebrated Angelina Jolie and our very own Pee Cee nevertheless once more will triumph the design cleanly in Pereira’s opinion.

As far as accessories to adorn the hair-tufts go, Habib prescribes flowery clips and vibrant bands to do out for the braids. Pereira settles down for variegated beads to wrap around the spiralling braids.

“However the size and amount of beads incorporated within the hair do matter,” he reminds. Flashy clutch bags with a ton of dramatic parts additional onto it, scarves and chic ‘boho’ outfits brocaded with innovative motifs square measure dead married to the ‘braided wave’, claims Pereira.

Habib firmly believes that side-braids signify more of a craft of technique than texture. “If you know a way to know, you can stand out in any given hair texture,” he insists. Pereira echoes a similar theory.

“You need not worry concerning the thinness and also the scrubby length of your hair. If needed, hair-extensions can additionally be additional,” he offers an various answer. However, Habib begs to differ on the hair-length front. “Given the fact that side-braids would like longer hair and for that reason, it looks smart on the female-brigade quite its male counterpart, therefore it’s perceptibly common among the womenfolk principally,” he argues.

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